Importance Of Systems To Achieve Goals

Goals are great to have. But, without a system in place is nearly impossible to achieve them.

Goals are great to have since it eventually brings out the best of us and lead us to a better position whether is career, personal, financial or fitness related. But, without a system in place is nearly impossible to achieve them.

As we sit and think about how we are doing with our goals; we noticed that it has been a great advantage for us to have a set of principles to help us achieve those goals. It has simplify (after a while) how we approach and accomplish our goals. The system we have put in place have made it an easier process for us to follow and maintain, while moving towards our goals.

To better provide a picture, we’ll share with you our system put in place to get out of and stay out of debt.

For a long period of our marriage have been in debt and after a few situations decided that enough was enough. It was time to get rid of the debt and stay away from it.
One of us was in danger of losing a job and that stressed us out because it would have been impossible to make our monthly payments on what was borrowed if that job was lost. At the same time, we had planned on going to spend the holidays with one of our relatives, but that trip would have put us on at least an additional $3,000 debt. That was a tough call to make and let them know that we were not able to spend the holidays with them, but at the end we still love one another and our relationship has stayed strong.

So, once we decided to set our goal to get out of debt; it was time to set our system to meet this goal. Our system was as followed:

1. Set automatic payments
2. Spend less than what we earn
3. Set a budget
4. Have a single bank account
5. Make extra payments to knock down the debt
6. No use of credit cards or loans

Living by those principles (listed above), we were able to successfully get out of debt. It was not an easy task and sure there were plenty of bumps on the road. But, we enjoyed our process because it led to so many great things such as more communication between us and more creative family adventures (since our budget was limited). By doing the monthly budget, we were (and still) able to spend time talking to one another on how we needed to manage our income and that got us to talking to other things. So, it has been a great way to further develop/growth our relationship.

Another goal of ours was towards our kids. We want our kids to be organized and maintain their rooms clean (what parent doesn’t?). To make this happen our system for them is the following:

1. Once waking up and using the bathroom, beds are to be made. No playing nor TV is allowed until then.
2. Bed is only used for sleep.
3. Only toys being used are outside of the storage bins (their toys are kept inside a bin unless being used).
4. No food nor drinks allowed in the rooms

Not only has it been great for us since it helps maintain the rooms clean and teaches them to be organized; it provides a set of rules for them to follow, while keeping it simple. This does not mean that their rooms are spotless all the time, (there are still challenging days) but for the most part the progress has been tremendous.

The beauty of the system/principles we have put into practice is that it fits us. Better yet, they have helped us accomplished our financial and family goals, since they are simple enough for us to follow without complicating our lifestyles.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you have a system/set of principles you follow to accomplish your goals?

If not, we challenge you to develop a system and stay the course.

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