“Without commitment it would have been too easy to give up on one another…”

A relationship requires many elements for it to succeed. An important element that has played a valuable role in our relationship is commitment.

You see, without commitment it would have been too easy to give up on one another once we faced the multiple bumps on our past. If there would have been no commitment in our relationship, there wouldn’t be a relationship at all. Let’s be real, relationships are not easy. The joining of two people through marriage is beautiful and at the same time difficult. Everyone has their own ways and is hard to let go (at times) of certain behaviors. But without commitment, it would be easier to let go of the relationship in order to stay the same way.

In order for us to achieve our highest potential, we had to stay committed to one another. While being away (military deployment) from one another for over a year, our commitment to one another helped us get over the challenges we dealt with. It was not easy, but being committed throughout our tough and hard times helped us build a stronger bond. Now our marriage is stronger than ever because we stayed committed to one another.

We have to keep in mind that commitment does not only apply when things go our way. Doing the right thing could be hard when we let outsiders influence us. There’ll be plenty of times to walk away and take the easy way out but there is so many rewards coming your way by staying committed. But it takes a lot of effort and self-improvement.

Do the right thing when is hard, stay faithful, stay committed.

Stay the course!



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