Grateful Challenge

“Today, I am grateful because…”

Our spouses play major roles on our daily routines, that at times their acts become expected. At first, we are impressed/surprised at what they are doing and as mentioned, it then becomes something expected. Eventually, without realizing it, we might not even fully appreciate the effort our spouse puts into the relationship because we are so used to these behaviors.

I challenge you to take a step in which it requires for you to spend 5-10 minutes (if that). But, this simple challenge will take your relationship to the next level, no matter where you are currently. It is simply this.

  1. Take some time on a daily basis, for at least one (1) week, in which you write “why are you grateful of your spouse?”
  2. It would be best to do it on a notebook with a pen. For me, it is more personal to do it as such, instead of a computer. Plus, you can always write it down on your way to work if you commute on the train or even during lunch.
  3. It does not need to be a full paragraph, nor has to be perfect. It could be just a sentence stating:
    “Today, I am grateful because…”

This was something I did over a course of seven (7) months. I have to admit that I did not write on a daily basis. Yes, there were days in which “I was too busy” and forgot to write. Do not make that mistake as I did. I encourage you to do it on a daily basis for at least a week as mentioned above. At the end of the week, give those writings to your spouse.

To me it allowed me to fall even more in love with my spouse. It forced me to overlook any “negatives”, even when I was upset. It gave me the opportunity to appreciate even the smallest things that she does for the relationship/family that I had taken for granted at times. It honestly made me say “Wow” at times.  As I would sit and write to express my gratitude, it would remind me of how amazing my wife is.

Again, I spent seven months writing almost on a daily basis expressing why I was thankful of her acts. This was my choice to do it this long and it has made our marriage a lot better than what it was before. You can do it for a year if you want, but go for it for at a minimum of a week and then give those writings to your spouse.

Let her/him read it, so that he/she can see that their acts are not being taken for granted.

One thing I added to my daily routine is that instead of writing it on the notebook (since it was given to her to read), I now send her a daily text expressing my gratitude. It is now part of our lives and as mentioned before, it has done wonders to our marriage.

So, I encourage you to take the challenge and focus on your spouse’s greatness and express your gratitude for it. Feel free to comeback and share your experience.

Stay the course!

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