Setting Goals As A Couple

We set them at work. Why not in our marriage?

At the beginning there was a high list of things we wanted to do, not only for ourselves but also as a couple. However, daily activities such as work, kids and life took over. How do we overcome that? How do we make sure our ideas, dreams and desire become a reality? In our household, we love to set goals. By setting them for vacation, kids, finance and other areas of our lives, we noticed a tremendous growth in our marriage.

But, wait a minute. Why do we want to do that? The importance for us setting goals is that it provides direction and guidance. It has allowed us to measure our progress as we keep moving forward. As for our marriage – it has added many benefits such as;

  • Improved our line of communication;┬áNow we can honestly say that we enjoy spending time talking about what we see each other accomplishing not only as individuals, but also as a family. It helped us understand and learn more one another. It is great finding out about each other’s desires.
  • Helped us build a stronger bond; Since our communication line is more open, our bond is stronger. Not exaggerating at all. We can talk to one another about everything. It has helped us grow stronger not only as individuals, but also as a couple.
  • Keep us accountable; Yes. By setting goals it gives us a road map to our desired destinations. We keep each other in check by reminding one another of what we agreed on achieving.

It is important to note that we don’t just come up with goals just because. A key factor that has contributed to our accomplishments is that we set goals that continuously motivate us and are of high priority in our lives. This has helped us stay the course. So, as you write yours down ask yourself “Why do we want this?”.

We also learned to implement the S.M.A.R.T. rule, which stands for

  • S (specific) – this reminds us to be specific and clear to what we want to accomplish.
  • M (measurable) – we set targets that allow us to see where we stand on our goals and we have reach them.
  • A (attainable) – we set goals that are achievable to us. This does not mean we set easy goals, in the other hand it forces us to improve ourselves in order to achieve them.
  • R (relevant) – our goals are to fit us.
  • T (timely) – setting a deadline. We always set a deadline, which keep us accountable and focus.

Once we have set our goals, we then set action plans to achieve them. Goals are not attainable by themselves. Therefore, we write down the necessary steps to achieve them. These steps help stay the course. It is a path that lead to the finish line. As we keep taking those steps, we see our progress and make adjustments as go along.

To us, setting goals is important because we want to keep growing and improving our lives and marriage. Even though we agree that we have a great thing going, we know that we still have a lot of room for growth in many areas of our lives.

Now that we have shared our importance on setting goals and how we go about it; would you start setting goals as a couple as well? if you already set them as a couple, please feel free to share your approach. We would love to hear from you.

Stay the course!

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