Budgeting as a Couple

The beauty of budgeting for us, is that it gives us time to not only check our finance and our expenses; but, it has allowed us to spend time as a couple. We get to sit down for at least one hour talking to each other and the conversations are not only about money.

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Relationships and Transparency

…we have found that by not being fully transparent with one another, it is very difficult to progress and grow as a couple. It prevents you from reaching the next level in your relationship.

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Setting Goals As A Couple

We set them at work. Why not in our marriage?

At the beginning there was a high list of things we wanted to do, not only for ourselves but also as a couple. However, daily activities such as work, kids and life took over. How do we overcome that? How do we make sure our ideas, dreams and desire become a reality? In our household, we love to set goals. Continue reading “Setting Goals As A Couple”

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